Compost+ Starter Kit

Naturally accelerate your compost pile


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  • Everything you need to jump-start your compost pile
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Safe, non-toxic solution that harnesses natural processes

Dr. Connie’s Compost+ Starter Kit is the simple way to start your compost pile.
This kit includes: Compost+, Soil Additive & Composting Instruction Guide.
Compost+ naturally accelerates organic matter into nutrient-rich compost.
Soil Additive helps to reduce odors and supports the breakdown of compost material.

Spread a thin layer of Compost+ & Soil Additive over the newly added compost material
added to your pile. Add enough water to the compost until the pile is moist but not soggy.
Repeat this process for each additional layer that is added.


Compost+: contains billions of all-natural, non-GMO, additive bacteria scientifically selected
to break down organic waste.
Soil Additive: Humic Acid – 48%, Total Carbon – 88%, Derived from humus.

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