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Created with you in mind, we’ve formulated microbial and natural solutions technology for a whole-farm approach that makes it more convenient and accessible for the hobby farmer, homeowner, or anyone seeking safer solutions that work independently AND synergistically.

25 years of research and development

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Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions was developed for the hobby farmer and backyard solutions for everyone. We started out in 1995 as a R&D company. We have been developing innovative, safe and effective solutions for decades, and now we brought it to the backyard.

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Our team of experts are ready to answer your questions! We want you to have great success, click here to reach out! 

Best Ingredients

Only the most natural and beneficial ingredients are used in our products. Research and development are deep in our roots.  

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Day in and day out, our production and shipping team are dedicated to getting your orders out fast! We ship day of or next day. 

Our Products


Lawn & Garden

Enhance plant growth with our Natural Lawn & Garden products, fostering soil microbial activity for robust roots, better nutrient uptake, and reduced plant stress.

Composting & Septic

You have quick and simple ways to compost and maintain your septic system with Dr. Connie’s Compost Plus and all-natural septic tank treatment. 

Animal Health

Animal probiotics and intestinal health supplements are available online from Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions. Visit our products page to view them and buy yours right away.

Pond Water Solutions

With Dr. Connie’s natural pond treatment & water solutions, your pond’s clarity will be improved. Try our 3-in-1 package for a lovely, wholesome pond!

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“Dr. Connie’s vegetable product made all the hard work worth it. I saw a visual difference overnight.”

Kyla O.

“Our chickens are healthy and plump because we used the Micromune Grandma gave us.”

Graham H.

“I haven’t had a single problem since I started using Dr Connie’s septic product. It’s really easy to use and with a 12 month supply, its one less thing I have to think about. I added a reminder to my calendar to flush a packet at the beginning of every month and another one to remind myself to re-order after 11 months. Would highly recommend.”

St John US Virgin Islands

Nutrient-rich soil, promotes healthy plant growth