This topic can lean very heavily on the science part of gardening and animal care. However, I am not a science type person. So let me break this down in terms I can understand easily.

Organic simply means anything used to help plants and animals grow has come from…well plants and animals. From dirt we were made and to dirt we will return so to speak. Organic does not include any synthetics or man made products-even if they are environmentally friendly.

OMRI is an organization that reviews materials, man made and natural, to grow plants and animals. These materials allowed by OMRI are still environmentally safe and friendly to use.

I interpret this to mean organic is all natural, and OMRI wants to be but allows flexibility while still keeping the environment safe, which is the desired goal.

Using harsh pesticides to grow plants or animals isn’t healthy nor environmentally safe. At the same time, it isn’t always realistic to be completely organic, especially for large farms of any kind. Face it, we live in a world of mass production and sadly, many local farmers struggle. OMRI allows that grace to help our farmers remain as safe as they can and still be competitive.

Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions really focuses on safety. These products are either organic or OMRI certified meaning they are environmentally safe for plants, animals, and kids! Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions is trusted to strengthen plants’ root systems, grow healthier and larger animals, and protect septic systems all within the boundaries of safety.

The world we live in is simply borrowed from our kids. It is up to us to take care of it and build a future our children can enjoy as we did. Dr. Connie’s allows us to safely provide food for them today at the same time protecting their world tomorrow.